Harder to find yourself,
creating your own reality.
Harder to find the best,
search could mean insanity.

The best ideology,
no one is truly sure.
You could take what’s given
or you could ask for more.

Just make sure it all adds up,
this isn’t the time for poor math.
It’s better to look forward
than back on any path.

Forlorn and slowly wasting,
the truth is too far.
If only it was easy as
getting into a car.

Landscape or portrait,
Your beauty still shines.
I closed my eyes and
now I see you in my mind.

A true fire in disguise,
a true goddess of course.
To get you I would try
and use every resource.

A bountiful beauty,
you are like all of nature.
The sun at this current moment
and the moon when it’s later.

Your eyes full of stars,
as beautiful as the night sky.
I think you could last forever,
you are sure to defy time.

The sweet words an epiphany,
A freedom of me.
Love so defined infamy,
I seek it in dreams.
I said it all
and set it off.
We are to be now.
Forever a long time ago
but I hope it comes around.
We found a true symphony,
our hearts play in tune.
I would say it’s perfect but
It’s all on you.
The so well defined dream
inside reality.
I’m glad we’re together to become
Twin insanity.

To be and find your
purpose might be the
whole point of it, for
what else is life but I
foray into the unknown.
Thoughts descend onto my
quiet mind like rain into the
forest, all is lost to the
lulling sound of delusion.
Who I am and who I should be
is what I ponder,
the so important question
binding almost like a contract.
I wonder if I owe it to myself
or the world, should I let my
talents speak or should I
let the potential simmer beneath
the surface?
Now, I do not know but all but
hope that the road I should take
will reveal itself to me.

Life with others

Emotion flowing freely,
I’m a conduit of some sort.
People play each other in life
as if it was all some sport.

I look back at who I’ve been,
some tears in my eyes.
Some people will make you pay a price
for some space in their lives.

Simply put, I’ve lived through
all kinds of human emotions.
The seesaw what we abhor
but it’s all part of the ocean.

Life can be said to be a dream,
and we all take part.
Sometimes people do things but,
no need to take it to heart.

The physical,
the matter.
The former,
and the latter.

Visions against a wall,
just mere shadows in the night.
Awake in the belly of the dark
and accordingly still with fright.

My thoughts play games,
My throat is dry.
I woke up in the middle of the night
and now I sit and wonder why.

It’s happened for a few days now,
It’s all much of the same.
I wonder if I’m still what is sane
as this question stays on my brain.

A goodbye

I’m appreciative of what we had
and also what we could have been.
The opportunity to be and feel
what is called a dream, was mesmerizing.

I think we could have made
a beautiful forever.
I guess nothing really lasts but,
I’m sure to never find better.

You were like an affliction,
your love was a danger to my health.
You were the cure and the cause to quote a song
and I don’t think I want anybody else.

We went good for some time,
and then bad for the longest.
I’m grateful for your love and
The lessons have made me the strongest.

I Try

For what I desire
I try,
for what i dream of
I try.
Try once and again
and then one more
time after that.
Something’s got to give.
All these attempts aren’t
Surely they cannot be.
I’m slowly losing hope.
Still I try.
I don’t know anymore.
I don’t know why I try.
The goal has receded into
murky waters and,
never one without fear,
I hesitate to dive in
after my dreams.
Trying time and again
and then once more after that.
What am I really trying for?

Dark thoughts
and I’m losing hair.
I look to the sky
and still it’s fair.

It’s hard to adjust
the focus and the view.
It’s all good until
the not so good is in you.

I try to find a silver lining
but it’s all so dark.
I try be the big fish but
I’m swimming with sharks.

My inner feeling was a dark
place with no echoes.
I try happiness but I’m
lost with no guide and the method.
Slowly falling…