So many of us are within a life that we cannot look at with pride because of the various trappings we have inherent as well as the mistakes we have made. It really is a difficult time to really discover an otherworldly passion.

It is even harder to relate to reality, in my own personal view. I feel as if I am far more comfortable in the poetry of my consciousness than the physical that may or may not have been created by my sub consciousness. We choose what we believe and believe in what we choose. I just find it so hard to say to myself that my life should be spent in the pursuit of a fleeting happiness.

All I’m thinking as I write this is, what is my point? What is my purpose in writing this and if you really want to take it there , in life? One step further, the Universe, because if there is something in me that survives death, then that means more existence. Where is the finality in it all


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