So far gone

I sit back at times and think about it all at times, like how my life could possibly go.

One question I think about the most is what I do after tertiary. I by no means want a simple, straightforward life in the sense of working and then meeting somebody, getting married, having kids and then that’s me until I die. It is hard to explain for me but I’d like to adventure and seek new horizons. The fact that I have all these infatuations cannot deter me.

I often think about the world and I just get to thinking that there is only so much you can do in this life, and indeed this world, which brings me to wanting to be like Elon Musk who wants to pioneer space travel. I understand the dream and vision behind it and, if I was ever to become hugely successful, I would pursue such endeavors.

I often think about death as well because, what is more important than our mortality in life? The irony of it all is that death is what we use to justify life, the fact that we are here and will leave once our purpose is done gives us meaning. I think about death in the context of an afterlife where perhaps humanity doesn’t suffer and we reunite with our loved ones. I don’t necessarily believe in heaven but, I believe in an afterlife of some kind.

What more can be said  after death? Those left alive are left to speak of those departed and the opinions of spirit cannot reach us unfortunately. It seems there are such rules of disengagement in play or, to take the nihilist stance, death is really the full stop. What is life then, the question remains.


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