Blue skies and I wonder to
myself what is this life,
the life of a human being
busy being.

I reinvent myself almost daily,
some memories linger from when i
was a baby. The rest is new
and at times I’m confused,
Where am I going?

It’s a beautiful day outside,
the sun is shining high.
I almost want to walk up to her
and just try and say “hi”.
A mere greeting.

My thoughts are well evicted
from the abyss of my indecision,
what colour to wear today.
It’s almost emphatic how I
struggle with confliction
these crazy thoughts self inflicted…


Dejected Thoughts

Thinking about the pain of existence,
what’s left to do but to live with all the pain
after it’s all said and done?
It seems the only thing we’re all going to
experience the most is pain, and it all boils
down to the pain of change. Change is not an
easy subject, for we always think we’ll be ready
for it until it happens and we’re left feeling
disillusioned by it all. Expectations turn to dust
inside our minds and all that’s left is a broken
dream inside a body held together by the need to exist…

This Affection untitled.

Time stands
still at the sight of
a true goddess within
my eyes with beauty that
surely defies time.

I think of you
and these beautiful thoughts
bloom like flowers in Spring.
And yes I do, think it’s victory
within to have you as my own.

You are something which
I cannot hope to describe,
a true unfolding of the beauty
of the universe and something
truly inescapable.

You remind me of a rose
and other times of a fire.
You burn bright and your
eyes shine like what is mined
and in my eyes, you’re a
profusion of beauty.

All this from a crush

Far away beneath the stars and space,
it was just me and my girl and the blanket we laid.
Feeling a little crazy but we’re lovers
and that’s just how it goes.
Like planning all our things together, hoping
that we get to score those goals.
Coz our story is told
And like stores there’s more to explore,
big malls and big spaces, we speak and
agree all on our own wavelength.
Like I’ll you through all the changes
and i hope these problems ain’t the same.
Coz you know how life is
everything overpriced but it’s still
so priceless.
Knowing in my heart
the truth and how to speak it since free
I’m done with limiting myself.
Success is the impetus until this life
is done for me.
So let love be free and let
love fly.
For it is the dreamer’s ambition
and what is between you and I.
A beautiful affliction.

Tenders thoughts
and sweet, stolen kisses.
I feel lucky to have,
As an observer and participant I witness.

Soft hands holding
onto my very soul you have me.
I look to you and surely
I’ve found the meaning of happy.

You rapture me and your
love is a gift.
From now until forever,
I sit and I picture this.

Soft voice filled with the
tranquility my soul needs,
you astound me.
I’m so glad that you found me.


Heart feeling a little tug,
It’s the nostalgic affliction.
Wonder to myself,
where those days are that I
be missing.
All it takes is
the slightest hint,
and I’m in the past again.
Memories dragged out of my
wish to relive those days
like in my brain.
Such beautiful days,
and I’m caught in a daze,
wishing to myself that days
remained the same.
Now I look to the future,
the promise greater in my
The past has passed,
and from that we’ve learnt a

Call it what you want

Like snow falling
from the heavens up above,
You caress the corners of
my cold soul.
Like the first raindrop,
your beauty was the warning
of a powerful love to come.
Now I sit here,
wondering about these signs.
What do they mean, I sit
and ponder in this mind
of mine.

It’s been a long time

Refreshed, I think to myself it’s been a long time.

A long time since I had a muse,

someone to help my thoughts exude,

the beauty and turmoil of that one beautiful and produced,

affliction affectionately known as love,

the emotion to render one tender,

and enter till December,

rare and so scarce

and I know it’s redundant to say,

but hey, love is still a beautiful


Conundrum of existence

Conundrum – a confusing or difficult question (

The way smoke fades away
Reminds us of our same fate,
And still we play this game called life.

A deck of hearts and I’ll love you
Till I depart,
Till I float away and
We’re far apart.

Melting away like ice
In the day,
We go this way
And still our hearts sway.

In the windy times of life,
You depart only to arrive,
And the fact that you fell apart
Lends truth to the fact that you’re going to be ayt.